Sunday, August 7

Changing Tides....

Well y'all...  Things are changing. And this blog just doesn't suit.  So I've set up shop over at a new blog...

So come see me, and see what I'm up to.  I'm missin you already!

Monday, August 1

Secrets Don't Make Friends

And they make my life HARDER.

I'm not talking about "I had really awesomely great sex with so and so, and the shooting range is perfectly acceptable place to pretend there is privacy."  secrets.

I'm talking about my cousin who is a pharmacy tech, not informing me that I should eat BEFORE I take lortabs, not after.

Oh and that they make you more nauseous than the first trimester of any pregnancy.

And I should probably mention that Pinterest will not keep you awake once you take drowsiness causing lortabs.  And you'll wake up with your finger on the down arrow and no more 'down' to go.

And that not getting on a decent 6 hour medicine schedule so that you're not up at 3am, writing a post while waiting for your latest dose of lortab to take effect.

PS- I'm not drunk or high... I'm in pain.  Love me anyways.. There will be better posts soon. Promise. 

Sunday, June 26

It's TShirt Time!!!

We're in party planning mode over here again.  There is just not enough time between April and July.   There are just 3 weeks until Cat turns 3.  And I am just getting started in party mode.

We're doing a Dora party.  There are two exciting parts of a party for me, not inlcuding the presents.

The Cake, because hello Duff and Buddy Valastro have made cake decorating an art form.

And the shirts that I've started making for the kids.  On Cat's second birthday she was all about Mickey Mouse Club House.  She had a minnie mouse themed birthday party.  I decided she needed a shirt, and I couldn't find one I liked for her.  So I decided to decorate one.

Cat at her Second Birthday Party

 And I liked the way it turned out so well, we made one for Poppa for his first birthday.

Since we couldn't decide on a theme for his party. We just used his name and a number 1.  It turned out great!  So now it's what we do. This will be our third party shirt and I am so excited to make a Dora shirt.  Mostly because it's not going to be something you might see somewhere else.

I am all about individuality.