Sunday, August 8

Here’s The Deal…

I'm not going to promise to write everyday, because then I'd just end up break it, and that's not fair. I'm going to promise to TRY and write most everyday. Now the posts may not be great and they may not make a whole lot of sense the first time you read them, because I'm just that random. But I hope that they are easy to read and understand and comprehend and are even, oh what the heck, enjoyable. There will be a multitude of grammatical sins, including the over use of commas and run on sentences. Not to mention tense changing verbs and the like. But hopefully beyond that will lie the enjoyment factor and you will see through all my errors to the meat of whatever it is I'm trying to say.

I am…. A single mother to two, so far, amusing children who has an addiction to reading and a hope of writing. I have my nursing assistant certification, but I'm really trying to get out of nursing and into business. I will be posting about just about anything that comes to mind. I have this inability to stay focused, but don't worry I haven't been diagnosed with ADHD (We all just assume I have it.). I enjoy cooking, but only if my kids are asleep or out of my hair. I love to take pictures, and edit them but I'm still learning a lot about photography. I am also becoming a diet veteran, because I've been trying diet after diet. And it would figure that the only diet that's worked was my own, modified from about four different 'try at home' types.

So what you are most likely to see in this blog….. Recipes, pictures, complaints and quirks… not to mention exercises that work for me… and progress that I've made. I'm going to put it all out there… and see where that gets me. But right now I gotta go get me a two year old who's trying to bake something with a 2 liter bottle and a sippy cup… this could get interesting.

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