Wednesday, August 11

Here Goes Nothin’

Well, I wasn't really sure what to write about. I'm not even sure I know now what to talk about… So probably this is going to be a rambling post. I was looking through pictures on my laptop today and was messing with my photo editing software, Paint.Net. ((Available at for free)) It has a lot of tools very similar, from what I understand to Photoshop with none of the cost. I was going to attempt to show you some amazing transformation, but I haven't got anything terribly amazing to show. However maybe I've got some time yet this afternoon to wow you… But I'm not making too many promises these days.
Yesterday I took the kids to visit my Great-Grandmother, their Great-Great-Grandmother, who everyone n the family refers to as Nanny because our other Great-Grandmother went by Grandmother. Crazy-A(butt)-Toddler, my two year old, decided that all of Nanny's porcelain cherubs and other angels were her babies and she had to try and hold all of them. And try to eat all of Nanny's after dinner mints, which CAT doesn't even like. But it was 'tandy' and she just had to eat it. No matter how many times I took a still wrapped piece away from her, or she spit out the ones that had been too hot or minty for her mouth.
It was the first time Nanny had seen Baby-Boy, and so I wanted to get pictures of Nanny and BB. I got some of the two of them, and some of Nanny with BB and CAT. However CAT had red sticky candy face and two chipmunky cheeks full of after dinner mints.

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