Monday, August 16

The Weekend, Rather CAT’s Weekend…

On Saturdays we laze around until a real late like 7:30 or 8. And by laze around I mean I end up trying to guard my vital parts from a sneaky jump attack by Teagan, with Disney Channel on the tv for background noise. Then possibly by ten we'll have had some kind of breakfast or brunch. And then who knows what depending on the weekend and the invites or what have you. This morning wasn't unusual….

This was precious CAT while barely awake Saturday morning.
She looks a lot more restrained in this picture than she usually is. My batteries died in the camera before I could get cute barely awake pictures of Baby Boy this morning. However I'm not entirely sure that he has a kind of awake look. He usually just wakes up in a snap. So after a fun time of Disney channel and breakfast this morning I decided CAT should go play in her little wading pool before her nap…. (My decision was heavily nfluenced by the fact that she wouldn't go to our room because she wanted to "go side Momma" and "pay in the POOL")

The getting in…

The Playing… (which lasted all of about 5 minutes)

The attempt to escape the backyard to the neighbors…. She didn't make it

Her attempt at riding away on her 4Wheeler… Which ended up in her 'riding' to her picnic table…

And a few minutes later she's just sitting as happy as can be at her picnic table….
All of those pictures happened within about 15 minutes. She moves fast. She cracks me up. I cant get over how big she's gotten. It seems like yesterday she was just cooing and not even crawling… and now, now I can't seem to keep track of her.
When I'm at home and I know that she's awake find myself yelling her name every three and a half minutes. Because that's how long it takes her to take a room apart if no one is keeping her busy. She is very busy and very independent. She really thinks she's a grown up. Friday night I was rocking Baby Boy and she came up to me and said "Whatcha ya doin punkin?" It was so unexpected that couldn't even answer her. I just cracked up, and she smiled and got her baby. She drives me nuts about ten out of every fifteen minutes. But those five minutes of heaven with her are worth the ten minutes in hair pulling, eyes closed, me screaming "TEAGAN GET IN HERE, RIGHT NOW!" And I know that she'll get better as she gets older (It's a given because she can't get much worse) and I love her in all her annoying, trouble making, hair pulling-outness.

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