Wednesday, August 18

Plans… Plans... Plans…

I have a plan… I tend to have a plan for almost anything. Not like hair brained scheme ideas. But plans, like plans to open an event planning business, and finish her bachelor's degree, and to (please God) find love. I love plans. I need plans. Almost as much as I need ideas… or adhd medicine (which I'm not even diagnosed with and therefore have to medicines for… but anyway)
I need plans to survive… and I have a plan. A plan for writing this blog…
Did you know that everyday is literally a "national fill in the blank day". Like National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, or National Best Friends Day, Or National … pick your butt day. Well I'm pretty sure that they don't have a 'national pick your butt day' that was just an example. But you get the idea.
So here's my plan, that includes these daily national day things. I'm going to use the 'National ___ Day" as a jumping point for my entry… and see where it goes from there. Because basically I'm feeling a little blocked, and I don't want to be blocked. So I have to find a way to unblock my writing and get the ideas flowing.
So that's the plan… The Big Bad Dangerous plan…
Which is neither big, bad nor dangerous. But me without this plan could be bad and dangerous and I'm already big.. so I'd be the big bad dangerous blogger… and in a completely negative way so we're going to keep that from happening…. And that's the plan to how we're going to do it.

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