Sunday, August 29

A Little Wallowing and Complaining Can Carry Me a While…

Okay, so truth time. I was planning on writing about the fact that today is National More Herbs Less Salt Day but I love salt, and I don't have too much to say concerning it…. So other things on my mind… CAT
She's two going on twenty and that makes her something else. She's such a smart little girl everyday she amuses and amazes me with some new phrase or mimicking motion. And her amount of concern for your well being is always surprising.
And because she is always surprising me with her ability to pick up on the little things I thought a LeapFrog Tag Junior would be a GREAT birthday present for her. And some of the features are really nice, like the vocal personalizing of her name. And she likes to turn it on and turn it off and turn it on. However when it comes to actually using the Tag Junior she will not put it to the page to read. She prefers to have the book read to her by someone. As soon as I come in the door from work she meets me at the door with one of her books. She grabs my hand and leads me to the couch. I bought the reading program so that I would be able to do things around the house or spend a little time with her brother while she occupies herself. As well as for when we are traveling to and from Michigan, Florida and Kentucky in the van. She enjoys the books; however it's really frustrating to have spent the extra money on the books and the LeapFrog system for her not to show any real interest in using it independently.
Since my sister is now watching the kids at home I've been trying to see if I could set up some kind of a learning system and schedule for them during the day. And I do realize that it is a little over controlling of me to want to set up a schedule for them. But, dang it, these are the formative years. And I wanna make sure that she and they can get the most from these times.
I wish that I could stay home and do it myself, but it's just not something that I can do. So for now I will keep on trucking as I am, and hope that eventually CAT & BB will be able to have a mostly stay at home mom.

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