Wednesday, September 8

Press the [Rew] Button

Ok, so new assignment cause I'm totally failing at the whole theme day idea… which is nothing new. I tend to fail, or rather as Thomas Edison looked at it, find lots of ways that DON'T work.
So here's me attempting a different way… I'm not sure what the specifics of this way are yet. I'm going to try and stumble through it. I've been reading the superstar blogger PioneerWoman today. She posted her rules for blogging. And not that I need her approval, or whatever but hello she's successful so why not look to her for advice. And since I am I'm going to try and go with it. I feel as if I've started this a little bit prematurely… because I want to take pictures, but my camera is lost and I haven't replaced it yet. My phone has one, but lets face it, not the same quality as a camera. But I'm working on it…
Over the Labor Day weekend, we took a quick trip to Florida, to visit some family. So hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures over the next few days. Right now, however, my little man is sleep, and my 'big girl' is driving me nuts trying to help me type. She's so helpful.

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