Monday, September 13

You Changin??? I'm Changingi!!!

The night day while giving Cat a bath I realized just how much things have changed, and how quickly they changed. It was the night the VMA’s were on. I have very vivid memories of being a freshman in high school (Rep Ppark) and having missed the VMA’s and wishing feeling embarrassed. Having to listen to everyone talk about the performances and awards around me. However this year I was giving Cat a bath, uploading pictures from our ‘mini vacation’ and doing some laundry.

After dinner my sister and mom went into the living room to relax, and of course watch the VMA’s. Randomly I’d hear a “Resa!! You gotta come see this!” And by the time I make it back to living room from the kitchen they’d have moced onto the next ‘exciting’ thing and I’d missed it. After the third time of all that disappointment. I just gave up. Maybe I’ll check and see if I can find it later in the week (or year because mtv ALWAYS shows about a hundred and fifty billion reruns of them). And everything will likely be just as surprising then to me as it would have been if I’d seen it on the original air date.

I find no real need to watch most things on MTV or VH1 the first time around. Reruns give me an opportunity to watch it when the kiddos are sleeping, or when it will be less stressful for the other people who maybe watching it. And normally it’s high stress in our house when the episode is new. And I just don’t need extra stress. So I cut it out by taking me and my little stress makers out of the equation. Cat and I color, or watch tv in the bed room, or go outside and enjoy the fresh air.

I’m trying to think back to last year around this time. I have to say I don’t remember much. I was only a few weeks pregnant with BB, and working a 3-11 job as a certified nursing assistant. And during the morning/day time I was home with Cat by myself. Can you say exhausted? I can cause I so was. But changes come. I’m not as tired as I was then. I work a cake, if sometimes insane, job as a private sitter for nine hours a day.

However both my hair pulling kiddos are sleeping and I think it’s getting close to that time for me. Go figure quarter till midnight. haha

And some pictures to complete the post... Edited them this morning.

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