Saturday, September 25

Cimmanom Rolls

So I finally made one of PioneerWoman’s recipes. Her cinnamon rolls. They haunted me Sunday night and Monday morning.. And on through Tuesday so I finally told the ladies I work for that we’re having cinnamon rolls on Wednesday. And I’ll be darned if I didn’t make em.

The thing about trying out a new recipe is learning all of the little quirks that the recipe orginator (PW) already knows or uses on a regular basis. Like I should have gone more for width than length if there are only four people to feed. That way the cinnamon rolls would be bigger. And I know some of you are thinking well DUH Resa. That’s common sense. But I’m not that kind of common sense girl. So no I didn’t think about that. Until I was already about to spread the butter on the dough. But next time I’ll know.

I also didn’t put the cinnamon rolls in the pan correctly. See that second row? Yeah I messed it up by putting them in with their oval shape and not trying to make ‘em good circles and only three… But I now know for next time to do that. So that they will be delicious and I won’t have that little error to obsess over. And yes I realize that mentioning that little err is an obsession. But I’m a perfectionist, especially when it comes to recipes. If it’s my own little creation, I don’t mind messing up. But when it’s someone else’s I always want to make sure that I do it just right. Cause I am a perfectionist, of a kind.

But they were delicious... Everyone said so... The Laides I work for.. their cleaning lady... my mom and most importantly.. ME.. I thought they were the best cimmanom rolls I've had in a loooong time.  Barring of course

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