Wednesday, September 29

Random Spur of the Moment Post

Last night we had gymnastics. Gymnastics are much more of a trial for me than they are for Cat. I thought they'd be great for her. Since she stays home with her aunt and brother during the week, and doesn't spend much time with kids her own age. I thought oh wonderful and not nearly as expensive as preschool. And that would be great if I could just drop her off and then she’d have some socialization.
Oh but noooo it has to be a mommy and me class. Which means I have to go. Which means after being at work for nine hours I get to pick her up and go hang out with her and five other toddlers, oh and their moms. Those five kids and their moms have been doing this for a little while. So they are all used to each other. And their kids are used to at least kind of focusing on the routines. Not Cat, she’s focusing on the older kids who are doing lots of flips and jumps and God only knows what. And there I am sweating, because for some reason I always sweat at gymnastics even though I’m not really doing anything. So I’m sweating and trying to get her to pay attention and do the little stretches or at least look at her teacher. But noooo. So I end up trying to get her to tumble with NO progress. And she’s no little kid, so flipping her is quite the work out.

And the realization hits me that I’ve got her in the wrong class. This is the working moms, kids who go to daycare and preschool, kids who have been doing structured play for God only knows how long class. And Cat needs to be in the stay at home mom, can make her own schedule, don’t have to worry about structured play because the kids stay at home with someone class. And that class meets in the mornings, cause hello they can create and manage their own schedule. And that’s where Cat wouldn’t be the under achiever. Because those kids would be on the same attention span with her… but it’s too late for all that. She’s in the evening class. And we’re going to sweat it out.

Maybe one day I’ll get Gamma or Sar to take some pictures of our gymnastic king selves. But currently I’m too busy sweating and not hauling her out of the gym on Tuesday evenings to take pictures.

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