Saturday, October 30

Absent! I mean Present! Wait, no definitely Absent

I'm not a hundred percent sure where I've been this week, now that I look back at it. But I did know where I was during the week (at least most  of the time anyway.)  What I do know is that I had a whole crap ton of stress this past week. Which is in part why I didn't post more. And I hope for this week to be less stressful.

We had a big project that started out a mainly my sister's, but after dealing with pitfalls it became more of a Sar, Mom and Resa project Friday night, for a friend's daughter's birthday. But the important part is that we got the stinking cake done, and it looks pretty dang good.

You can see what all was needed:
a hand mixer, Diet Pepsi &
Good Start Formula for BB

My favorite little fondant animal
The Elliefant!

My picture of the cake...
There's a Zebra, Lion, Giraffe, Monkey & Elephant 

And now, I'm trying to keep  myself from just pulling the covers over my head. My throat hurts like some cat is sharpening its claws and my teeth are suddenly horridly sensitive. And my head, oh man, the rock band that is trashing it like a hotel suite is doing horrible things.

PS- These pictures have NOT been edited, so yes they look unedited. I was also working on close to ZERO hours of sleep. 

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