Tuesday, November 2


There are a lot of things about me you don’t know, so I’m going to (randomly) post little snippets about me, and my life. Because (basically) it’s my blog and I wanna. So neenner neenner.

I went to a Lutheran College for two years. No I am not Lutheran, I’m nondenominational charismatic.  I was once told it sounded like I an std instead of a church denomination.  And that my be true.  But it is what I am, and how I was raised.

You might be wondering what exactly is nondenominational charismatic? What does that std like name mean? Are there people I might know who are that? How does this relate to the world? Blah blah blah, and basically I put this in an easy, not to technical or lengthy way.  It means I’m a Christian, and I don’t recognize with any certain denomination (sounds like a church ho, I know). And I believe that signs and miracles still happen (There will be no debate on this subject. Because it is not something that I will debate. These are my beliefs. I don’t attempt to convert you, and I expect the same courtesy from you.) 

Anyhow, for two long, crazy years I went to a Lutheran College.  Mostly because I didn’t have instate student status, so I may as well go to a private college and they had really great dorms.
The teaching was adequate and (some of) the people I met were A-mazing!
My first roommate was great. She really helped me be a better person, even though we went through some really really crazy (like you wouldn’t believe how crazy) stuff for freshmen.
And my roommate my second year, she was great. She is like the bestest librarian ever! And talk about a bibliophile, oh man. She loves her some books, not to mention penguins.
In addition to roommates I met my “person” as they say on Grey’s. Yang & Grey are each other’s person. And this chick, she’s so my person. She’s like the only person I could be a person with. She’s my Jazzy-Jazz, my J master, my Jazzy Faye. The girl I would lay down life and limb for. And when I first met her, I hated her. And her gorgeous hazel eyes, and great boobs, and her height. But we’ve gotten past all our jealousy issues, and I love her. And she’s godmother to both of my kids. And I swear I wouldn’t be with her if I were gay, but I still love her. (Basically because we can get sick of each other… kinda)

And in addition to all of that wonderfulness up there, all those great people. I met Dr. Neal Migan. Who is this person you may ask? This man I sound so reverent about, I’m not married to not a spouse. He is married, so not a boy toy or fling. He was my English professor. (Just another reason he was not a boyfriend, you know besides that whole being married with two daughters thing.)
He taught my English composition 101 class, and I ended up taking his English composition 301, my sophomore year. Of all the professors I had I remember him with the most clarity. (That totally goes back to this post.)

Well that’s your snippet about me. Oh in case your wondering. I was going for a business degree, international marketing. At a Lutheran teaching school.  I really should have looked into it (the school) better. Haha.

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  1. I know that miracles still happen. I've been witness to them.

    Thank you for sharing your testimony.