Tuesday, October 19

Mom Sexy, A Blogoversary Post for The Mommyologist

I may have Gerber Sweet Peas on my jeans, knots in my hair, a diaper, pull up, 2 pacis and a container of wipes in my purse but I’m still mom sexy.

It took me two weeks to figure out how I was mom sexy, When The Mommyologist Posted her blogoversary post with the Mom Sexy Campaign I couldn’t figure it out.  I was like, I’m not mom sexy.. I’m just Momma Resa, no sexy included.  But as last week ended I knew I had to really get my thinking cap on for her blogoversary post present.  And it just hit me last night, as I was feeding BB his sweet peas, and digging around past all of the baby etc in my purse to get to my keys that it hits me.  This is my mom sexy.

This is how I’m mom sexy.  I carry around my lip gloss and my cute purse, and hide a treasure trove of mom paraphernalia.  Sometimes it’s M&M’s and Lollipops for Cat, and Teething Tablets and rings for BB.  

The thing about me and my mom sexy is that I forget how “mom” I look.  When I go to the store with sweet peas on my jeans, oh I forgot they were even there, and the pony tail, oh man the ponytail of tangles that I throw into a ‘messy bun’, because that somehow hides -and probably creates- the tangles that I just didn’t have the time or patience to deal with.

But it’s okay, cause I’m mom sexy.  And that’s the point.

I AM MOM SEXY and so are YOU (If you're a mom that is..)

This Post was Inspire for you by The Mommyologist and her Mom Sexy Campaign


  1. You are definitely still Mom Sexy!!! I don't notice when I look "mom" either...and my purse is a total bottomless pit. I always joke that you never know what you're going to find in there, but I swear it could get me through a flood. I have EVERYTHING in there! LOL!!

    Thanks so much for helping make my blogoversary special!!

  2. I love how you say that you forget that you have food stuck to you - because that's how I feel Mom Sexy too! It's totally an attitude, isn't it?

  3. I can forget how "mom" I look, too! Definitely mom sexy!

    My purse isn't like that- but only because my van is! I think we could survive for at least a week off the things we cart around in the van.

  4. Ha I love it! I'm still new to the Mom thing but your Mom Sexy is something to strive for! :D

  5. @Mary you are SOO welcome. This gave me a good reason to think about what makes me mom sexy, and really believe it. So YAY!!

    @Sarah It's all about attitude. I'm not sure if you ever watched Mary Kate & Ashley Movies (showing my age) but in Passport to Paris, there's a part where a model tells the twins, "attitewd, Attitewd. It's all about the attitewd." And your comment reminded me of that. Lol

    @Shell When I get embarrassed by my purse, it ends up in the front seat of my car. Haha. And there have been times when I KNOW we could have lived off of the stuff in there for a week.

    @Erinsgobragh Everytime you have a baby you're a new mom. I just recently found that out with my second baby. It's like starting from scratch. Haha

    Thank you Ladies for stopping by!!

  6. A messy bun is definitely a sign of a true Mom! You can't be a sexy mom without one. I enjoyed your post!

  7. @Sarah, I so agree! It should be part of the checklist. To be a mom: Change Diapers, Burp Baby, Pull hair up in messy bun.