Thursday, October 14

Punkin Patch and Then Some

Over the weekend we went and picked us out some punkins.  
Here be our Lil Family
Now there's just ONE problem with that picture... I'm not sure if you can tell or not, so I'll point it out to you. 

See it?? DO YOU SEE IT??
Its a BIG freaking BLURRY SPOT! And its on my face and my moms face in EVERY PICTURE taken on Saturday.  I called it God's Thumb, because its like someone's finger is just randomly in the way and since its obviously not one of ours.. it must be God's.  Anyhow the rest of the picture is all beautimus and can be sharpened and look good.. but not my face (which of course is the biggest).  My face is all blurry.  I might have thought that it was just my shirt and pale-ness.  But its also in my mom's pictures with BB.  
So Idk what that's all about... 
Mom and I decided it was my Aunt Linda (her oldest sister who passed away a couple years ago) trying to be a part of our experience.

ALSO over the weekend we made cookies.  Now Cat's cookie decorating experience went like this...
Trying to ice her pumpkin cookie with the orange icing. 

Trying to ice her pumpkin cookie AGAIN with the icing.. look at the Focus

And this is the point where she gave up on icing the damn cookies 
and just decided to eat the icing. 

And I don't blame her.  I wanted to give up on icing the DAMN cookies after my 5634908th Cookie!  And so I took a few minutes to make some fun cookies after all of the more serious cookie decorators (my sister & mom {theyre anal retentive about their dessert decor}) left the kitchen...

So the middle picture is actually my sister's cookie stack.  But I liked the picture. So I added it. :)

So enjoy the non-calorie laden pictures of these sugar cookies and royal icing. 

PS- These cookies happened 2 days AFTER I started the new MR Diet.  Poop
PPS- I was still able to loose weight, I think it has something to do with icing about 3 BAJILLION cookies and not wanting to see another one for about 36 hours (probably longer if you're skinnier) 
PPSS- Im not sure what to put here, but I thought it needed something to round it out. 

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