Tuesday, October 5

The Momma Resa Diet

I’m twenty-three, mother to two, private sitter, gymnastics coach, cook, housekeeper, companion, driver, reader, butt wiper, secretary and almost three hundred pounds.  There are few things I can change in that description, but the one that’s easiest (and most immediate) Is my weight.  There’s no reason for my weight gain, and there’s no reason not to fix it. So I’m going to, dang it.  I’ve come up with a plan.. ..

The Plan::
Using SparkPeople.com as a place to track daily calories consumed and burned.
Zumba at least twice a week.  Gymnastics with Cat once a week. And hopefully 30 minutes of cardio the other two days.
Eating less than 10g of Fat per meal and less than 1,200 calories a day.  Increasing my fiber and water intake.  Also increasing the number of vegetable servings.
((I wont be drastic; doing all of this immediately at one time but over time as I think I can handle it. I plan on failing a few times because I’m human and I truly ENJOY food.  Not to mention, holidays ((hello, pie anyone?)).  But I gotta get healthy some way.  And my babies need me.  I’m the only parent they’ve got.))

The Goal::
135 lbs.
A daily intake of 5 servings of vegetables
 20g - 30g of fiber daily.
To have a BMI in the Normal range. (Approx 22)

So the weekly update posts are basically going to include a new picture, and updated stats.
Pants Size:
Shirt Size:

And any information I may think is relevant for that week’s post.  Such as so and so’s birthday, a splurge, etc.

Monthly I’m going to post an update showing the progress from the beginning of this project. So it would have two sets of the photo and stats template.

((PICTURE))                                        ((PICTURE))
Height:                                        Height:
Weight:                                       Weight:
BMI:                                           BMI:
Waist:                                         Waist:
Hips:                                           Hips:
Bust:                                           Bust:
Thighs:                                        Thighs:
Arm:                                           Arm:
Pants Size:                                  Pants Size:
Shirt Size:                                   Shirt Size:

That way we can all see how good I’m doing.  I sure hope this keeps my butt going.

Let me know if you think I should use the same outfit from beginning to end, or if you think it matters.

I will not be using a sports bra and bike shorts because y’all haven’t done anything to warrant that kind of abuse. And I’m just not sound enough in my self esteem to deal with it.

So we can all breathe a sigh of relief that it will not be awkward to see these posts.

Maybe Weigh In Wednesday's What do we think? Good? GREAT! That'll do.


  1. Awesome! It may not be easy, but it will be totally worth it! Just celebrate all the little steps - that will help keep you going! I dropped 45 pounds many years back. It took just small steps and small lifestyle changes that will help your whole family get healthy.

  2. Surprisingly at the beginning of 2009 I did a similar diet and lost 30 lbs in about 4 months. So I'm hoping for similar results. but it's all about dedication and sometimes I worry I don't have that. But knowing you're watching will help, for sure.

  3. Sounds like an awesome plan! Thanks for using SparkPeople and for Spreading the Spark.

    Have fun getting after your goals - YOU CAN DO IT!

    Tim (from SparkPeople)