Monday, October 4

Weekend Round Up

Well I’d planned on coming up with some kind of a post over the weekend but stuff happens.  And we got busy.

My sister and I picked up a new cake cookbook.  We’re going to try one of those recipe/ideas this month.  We’re just not sure which ones.  But I’ll definitely be commandeering her camera and posting some pictures of the project.
Costumes were picked up this weekend.  Cat will be Tinkerbell  and BB is going to be a dog.  BB is going to be a dog because while we were in the hospital after he was born his cries sounded like a puppy’s whimpers.  And to this day randomly he will make the puppy noises.  So, of course, it’s only fitting that he be a puppy for Halloween.


Sar and I also got a wild hair up our butts (I’m not even sure how to fix that, we each had a hair up the butt I suppose, because sharing one would be awkward).  We decided that we were going to make Cat a tutu.  So we got some WILD looking tulle and some elastic. So that’s on the agenda to be made this week.

Annnnnd I got my own (singularly unique) hair up my butt and decided to make Cat a treat bag for Halloween to go with the Tinkerbell theme.  So that project will be done at some point this month.  But I’m excited.  I enjoy my little nesting spurts.

Onto other things, I do believe I should get back to what this blog was also supposed to include, which would be diet and exercise info from myself.  ((I know.  Exciting, right? Who doesn’t wanna talk about someone else’s struggle with weight?)) But it’s too late I’ve already decided and committed myself to it.

I will be posting  a ((hopefully)) Before picture and stats either tonight or tomorrow.  And will update weekly.  I’m using this as an accountability standard.  Because I suck unless someone is counting on me.  So you’re officially counting on me.  Even if you’re not.

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