Friday, October 22

Week 2 Weigh in Companion

I knew this would be a possibility when I put it all out “there” like I decided to.. And I already know I feel like I let myself down a little this past weekend…  I crapped out and gained back 0.8lbs this week. It probably has more to do with the family portraits on Saturday and my refusal to go to Zumba Monday night, because last week the Instructor intimidated me with a move I couldn’t get.  But still, I crapped out.  But it’s renewed me and gave me a revelation.  This is a life style change, and sometimes you’re going to be stressed.  And sometimes the instructor is going to be a turd, and try to give you Zumba homework (if I had the time/ability to do Zumba at home why would I go to the class?).  And sometimes you’re just going to gain that 0.8lbs in a week, and that’s normal.  So I’m just trying to be okay with it.

And to be honest (Because that’s kinda what this is here for) I almost didn’t post this up here this week.  I was really hesitant, but then I’m not being real, or accountable which is the WHOLE point of doing this on here.

So I’m struggling right now, with this feeling of ‘I let myself down, AGAIN’ guilt.  Have you ever done something and got that feeling (even if you know that what you did was normal?)? How did you cope with, overcome, get over it?

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  1. Oh I feel like I let myself down with my "reasons" for not goimg to the gym all the time. I always say that I'm going to do somethign and totally talk myself out of it, or sleep through it. (Sleep is precious, what can I say.)
    I will tell you that Wii is about to release a Zumba workout and i think i know what this mommy is getting for Christmas!