Sunday, November 14

Christmas Cards, Say What?!

A little get to know Momma Resa time, I know exciting right?

So my mom is the youngest of eight. Yes EIGHT children, my grandma was crazy fertile like someone else we all know (yeah, so I’m embarrassed by my fertility).  Anyhow, six of her older siblings are around.

And they all have kids. So guess who has to order lots of Christmas cards, especially this year.

And I’ve decided that this year, we’re going to do something new and different. (Besides actually mailing them out ).  We’re going to order our holiday/Christmas cards from Shutterfly.  So now I just have to figure out the pictures and the cards.  My card choices include but are not limited to the following (because Shutterfly has about 75 bajillion cute ones to choose from!)...

Available Here

Available Here

Available Here

So after we decide, we have to pick the pictures, and then order.  My goal is to finish deciding by Friday. 

But here's the good news right now they are offering free shipping on orders of more than $30 (Enter Code SHIP30). Plus, the holiday cards are 20% off now.  So go, decide, and order cards from Shutterfly!

(This post was partially sponsored? inspired by Shutterfly.  However my the views and opinions are all my own.  And I really am ordering pictures. Haha!)

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