Tuesday, November 16

Momma Resa, Mommy Blogger

This blog is inspired by Bloggy Moms Writer Workshop Tuesday.  The topic being:: I'm a mommy blogger...

First and  foremost, I am a mom. I have kids, and they come first in any description of me.  It's my most important job.  And I'm a blogger. I love blogging, I love the community, the support, the fun and the ability to just let it all out that comes with blogging.

Being a mom doesn't make me less of a blogger, just like being a mom makes me a less attractive single woman. If anything I have tons of stories and amusing phrases that mean I don't have too attempt to find topics or words.  I can just talk to my two year old.  And someone, somewhere will be entertained and find it insightful.

I love my life, being a mom and a blogger.  I wouldn't change it for the world.

PS- I'd probably change the single mom part. But otherwise, wouldn't change a thing.
PPS- I got distracted by a 2 year old, looking for the moon (in rain clouds!)


  1. It's true that being a mom gives you tonnes of stories. Sometimes, I'm not sure which ones to tell

  2. And the most important thing is that you are happy. Good for you.