Wednesday, November 17

Foffee, My Foffee

I love coffee. Do I enjoy the rich, yet bitter taste of fresh brewed coffee without the additions of sugar and creamer? Heck to the  NO! But there are some things I do love about it!  Here are 10 of the reasons I love Coffee…

  1. It clears the palates, both oral and nasal. (When choosing a new perfume they often have you sniff coffee beans for just this purpose!)
  2. Just the smell of the ground beans is enough to make me peak open my heavy eyes.
  3. It’s a good little splurge for me in the morning, that I can’t/won’t share with my kiddos. (Cat gets “toffee” by me adding creamer to her milk on the weekends.)
  4. It gives me something to have with my mom and aunt.  We just go visit and drink coffee. It’s AMAZING (and sometimes we act like teenagers)
  5. Coffee makes coffee drinkers, and they are the EASIEST people to shop for. “Oh, well, they like coffee.  Here we’ll get them a new mug!”
  6. They make a bajillion things to go along with coffee.  Nifty cups, and flavored creamers.  They have all kinds of stuff. 
  7. It helps me to actually wake up, and stay partially awake during the day.
  8. It keeps me from those pesky caffeine headaches, that I get because I’ve been drinking coffee so long.
  9. It warms my hands during the winter.
  10. It was a rite of passage to get to drink ’regular’ coffee, instead of decaf. 

 Will I ever give coffee up? Heck to the NO!  At this point I’d likely go through drug like withdraws.  And it really does help me think, and get going. And it gives my weekends a little routine.  And I’ve listed ten reasons I love it. That’s all I can think of right now. More reitterations of why I love it.  So I think I’m going to go drink some of it.

This inspired post was brought to you by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop Weekly Writing Prompt. 


  1. Isn't it wonderful to have something that brings you so much joy? Funny that you wrote this today. I just wrote a tribute to my favorite drink.

  2. I didn't start drinking it until I became a single mom- because I needed to drink something to get me through the day and coffee seemed preferable to alcohol... now that I'm a convert, I have actually given it up a few times and tried herbal tea instead, but it's just not the same ritual... I always go back!