Sunday, November 21

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.  How I love thee..

I sure do love Christmas.  And my sister is like the BOMB at decorating, for someone who has NO formal education on it.  For the last couple of Christmases we’ve focused on a teal and silver theme. It seems to suit us pretty well.

And I’m all about themes.  I was more about them before I had kids, because I want to be able to put they’re school creations on a Christmas tree while they’re growing up, and put them all together so I can give them a box of ornaments when they get all grown and leave me. I’m not sure whether I want that to happen, right now it’s a lot to think about. I mean she’s ONLY 2, and it’s ONLY her third Christmas.

But right now, at this age. I don’t love Christmas trees, or Christmas decorations, or anything. Because Cat is being a huge disobedient toddler.  I keep praying for February to come.  I heard that once they actually reach pass the 2 years and 6 months age that it gets better.  That they stop throwing tantrums (Which I get a weekly fill of) and they start to level out a little. I sure hope that’s the case, because I just wanna shoot myself some days.

Ok so I’m a little sporadic tonight.  One day I’m going to really let my mind just flow and post it.  I think you all might be amused.

PS- What do you LOVE about the holidays?  And what did you loose awe at after having kids? 


  1. i just tried to post- but i may have left too quickly. found you on tough cookie mommy!

  2. Beautiful tree! We always do a gold and red theme... it matches our living room colors of reds and tans. It works for us!

    Stopping by from Monday Mingle!

  3. Anonymous22.11.10

    I think the holidays are even more fun now that I have kids.

    I found with all four of mine that three was worse than 2 to be honest. Two was a breeze and then three hit. I think it just depends on the child. I hope it gets better soon! :)

    Found you on Monday Mingle! :)

  4. I'm with Kat - but maybe it will be different for you! I understand though being frustrated and all the hard work that goes into making memories for your kids even if they are being little stinkers...but do it - your kids will be thankful for it. Hang in there! (Lest you be confused btw, my kids are NOT always happy...but generally speaking, they like to give the impression to all the people at the store that they are.)