Wednesday, December 29


I’m all about New Years Resolutions, but I need more than that. I need New Lifestyle Resolutions. So here are some that I’m working on accomplishing in 2011.

1.) Healthy habits, including but not limited to healthier eating and regular exercise.  That means more veggies at meals, and less binging.  (In December I gave up on decent eating and I’m really paying for it.)  And adding an exercising routine to my week.  My hopes are that these will turn into habits and not just be for the first 6 weeks of  2011.  (I’m also going to be working on helping Cat have a healthier diet while staying with my sister during the day.)

2.) New Bedtime Routine.  Mostly this is for myself and the kids.  Because right now, we don’t really have one.  We have a in the bed routine.  But I’ve kind of figured out what I want it to be.  After dinner (and possibly some tv) baths for Cat and BB.  And then no TV for an hour before bed.  Have a drink (probably Chocolate Milk or “Coffee”), cuddle, read at least one story, talk and then give kisses, turn on the night light, and  say our prayers.  (Hopefully this will also include Cat sleeping in her own bed)

3.) Post Everyday.  Bloggy Moms has made this the Blogging Challenge of 2011.  I also started a different, devotional blog towards the end of 2010.  So this resolution is for both blogs.  Not just Momma Resa, but Add A Little Light as well.

4.) Begin a path to financial freedom with a bankruptcy.  I have no clue when, how much, or what chapter.  But I guess I’ll be finding all of that out in 2011.

5.) Continue building my path to financial freedom with making regular payments to my student loan lenders. The amount will start small, and hopefully increase as the year goes on.  But the monthly installments are the most important part.  Which is what I will be focusing on.

Well I think that is all of my resolutions.  I like to make them attainable.

Ok, maybe I’ll steal just one more from The Mommyologist.  

6.) Switch back my I don’t give a *#&(  attitude on.  I am who I am.  I know how I got here.  I only have 3 people I have to answer to at the end of the day, Cat, BB and myself.

Ok, maybe just one more… that I’ll come up with myself..

7.)  To be content with myself as a blogger.  I can only be who I am (see Resolution 6).  And I haven’t been any kind of consistent with this for any real amount of time, so how can I expect to have the same amount of devotion of followers as others who’ve been putting themselves into a blog for so much longer? I can’t.  So this year I won’t.  I will work towards those goals, but I will not feel defeated and unworthy of blogness because of their accomplishments.

I will also be adding a page to this blog for accountability for my constant resolution (weight loss).  Where I will post a picture of my scale weekly.  And for every week I lose weight, I will add $1 to a piggy bank, that’s going towards my new wardrobe for my 25th birthday (which is in 2012).

Preview of 2012 NYR:: Once a month/week ordering something off a restaurant menu without customizing it. 


  1. Great Lifestyle Resolutions! They all sound very attainable (well, maybe except for posting everyday! Wowza!) and I know you'll do awesome! Best of luck on your new year!!

  2. Great goals for the year! I am also doing the bloggy mommy challenge. I am now a gfc follower.