Sunday, December 26

A MR Christmas

So Christmas has come and gone.  And I am tired.  I mean WORE OUT, don’t even want to look at the time because I might have to do something tired.  And this morning my oh so wonderful Momma, looked at my blog and was ashamed that I hadn’t posted in so long a time.  Especially since I love Christmas.  And she is not exactly what you would call blog savvy.  So here I am feeling guilty.  I do have a lot of things I’m planning for 2011 for myself and for MommaResa, not to mention a whole other project I’m going to really start focusing on a little more.  So basically here is me, posting a little something something to get yall through until 1/1/11.

Good Christmas Morning, Cat

Uncle Billiam in his Santa Pants & Chair

Baby Boy rockin his Milano Face, and Unwrapper Bib.

So I personally thought this shot was amazing! CAT & My Cousin LA

Christmas Lunch was really the most exciting, well picture wise anyway.  Because I didn't get my camera until like the last couple of presents.  But I did get a camera. So now I will stop complaining (maybe). 
Merry Belated Christmas, and Happy New Year. 

PS- I will be posting before December 31st.  I WILL! Hopefully.

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