Monday, December 13

Yeah. Whatev.

We had a very busy week around here last week.  There was an extra 20 year old and an additional baby, a 9 month old crawler, who is much busier than our BB (at least for now).  So I didn’t have too much time for sleeping, eating healthy, reading (my Google Reader was FULL), bathing, much less blogging.  As much as I love it something had to give last week.. . Well a lot of somethings gave last week.  But the first was my blogging, temporarily mind you.  So now I’m back.  I’m going to start by devoting time on Sundays and Wednesdays.  And promising posts by Monday and Thursday mornings.

In other exciting news.  We got our first snow today.  Cat was just amazed by it.  She just couldn’t believe it.  ‘Yook! ‘No! It’s tute!’   Walking into church and then Denny’s was a trial because she just wanted to watch the ‘no.  And of course we end up at window booth.  Yeah not much eating was going on at our table.

One more news bulletin, tomorrow/today (Monday) I will be spending the day at home with the kiddos.  Trying a day of stay at home mom-ing.  I’m excited and terrified at the same time.  Oh and tired. Very tired.

I’ll do better tomorrow!  Promise.


  1. sounds a lot like MY last week...a 9 month old crawler, a 3 year old crazy man, and an extra 20 year (recovering from surgery). Bizarre! I can relate to the "something's gotta give" feeling! Here's to a more restful week (although I believe that will come some time after Christmas...

  2. I hope you had a fun day with your kids. It can be tough to stay home with them, but I've never regretted the time I was able to give to my children.

    Enjoy the snow.