Monday, December 6

Funny Cat

My kids are hilarious.  I know a lot of moms probably say this (especially when their kids are two).  But Cat amuses me every day, like EVERY day.

For instance just today these things happened.

She picked up a jar of peanut butter and a spoon (my brother left on the coffee table when he left for church) and brought them to me.  So I scooped her up some PB, and let her have the spoon. (We are definitely NOT germophobes, y’all.)  After about the third spoon of peanut butter, she says to me.
 “Whas it?”
“Peanut butter”
“Oh, peanut budder and spoon. Goooood.”  And she proceeded to eat a three more tablespoons of peanut butter.

She sat on the sofa with Grandma, looking through the Toys R Us ad. “Where’s Eggo? Where’s Eggo? Fine him, Damma.  Fine him.”  Then she jumped up, and clapped her hands when there was a Diego toy.

When we were coming home from the grocery store I noticed that BB had a pacifier in the van.  And I mention it to Grandma.  Cat hears me and starts jumping in her seat.  “Broder has a paci! Broder has a paci! YAAAAAYY!!” When we unfasten her seatbelt she jumps around the van and claps her hand.  Like we just handed her Dora (the freakin Explorer) and told her that she could keep her forever.

And the creme de la creme.
We pulled out the playpen because Sar has a friend coming back from Michigan with her.  And the friend has a baby.  (We used to put Cat in the playpen as time out/punishment when she was short enough that it would actually work. You know, 4 months ago.  And she hates the playpen.  We can still use getting it out as a threat.)  So when we pulled it out tonight, major meltdown.
The funny part was that she tried to sabotage the playpen.  She attempted to pull it down, and when that didn’t work, she started throwing toys in it.  At least then she’d have something to play with in time out.

I love that kid.  She cracks me up.

PS-She has had peanut butter before, but this was off brand we bought to make cookies.  Then we didn’t make them.

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  1. i love funny kids. mine are hilarious. and totally weird. :)