Sunday, December 5

The Past & The Future

As I was cleaning out my blogger dashboard of all these randomly useless blogs that I’ve created and left standing cold and alone in the rain I ran across this post. 


.... Deep Thoughts about my future

I'm one of those people who has the crazy thought patterns where they start thinking about eating something for lunch and the next thing you know theyre thinking about the people who live in India and worship cows and how sad their lives must be because they don't get to eat cheeseburgers big ol' greasy ones from McDonald's.

I give that small disclaimer so that you understand how, while I was sweeping the bakery, I started to think about posting this blog and I got to thinking about how I always thought I'd be married by 21. I'm turning 21 in under six months and I'm not married. I know HOW RUDE of me. My generation is truly outrageous, truly truly outrageous (that was for the Dane Cook fans). Anyhow, I just always figured I would be. There's nothing wrong with not being. I just thought i'd be one of those people who would find their true love at 2 and a half and be ready to get married as soon as they graduate high school, and really have already started a family. Instead in the world i call reality, I am about to turn twenty one, havent been in a real relationship in years. The guy at seven I thought I was going to marry is about to get married to a girl who isn't worth his holey underpants. And I'm going to be hanging out at home this friday night with my mom. Not that I dont love my mom.. its just not quite what I'd like to be doing on a Friday night.

I have made a concious decision though. If I am not in a serious relationship by my 28th birthday I'm going to look into getting artificially inseminated. I want to be a mother before I'm 30. And if I can't do it the classic way, then I'll go the more unnatural way. I'm alright with that. I've already told my mom that too. So she can prepare herself for all the bullshit grandparents have to put up with when their kids aren't from the A+ American family.

Alright.. it's too late for this much thought.. i need to sleep.

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  1. It's CRAZY hos some things work out, isn't it? I wish I had started writing sooner so I could look back on things like that. I'm glad you got to be a momma before 30.

    Also, <3 Dane Cook. :-D