Saturday, December 4

Skipping Out

It’s December y’all.   In my family the beginning of December is BUSY.  We have three birthdays in as many days.  And now that they are all 21, that means three nights going out.  And because they’re all (my) cousins, you can’t go to one and not the other two.

Except that I did.  Because I had pain and a sore abdomen. After the first of the three nights out.  And I just couldn't do anymore.  Just thinking about getting ready hurt.

So I didn’t go.

Instead I looked up my symptoms on WebMD, and got the poo thoroughly scared out of me.   So then I talked my Mom (cause she’s an RN, yo) and she looked at my diagnosis possibilities.  She gave me 2 Pepcid AC, 4 Ibuprophen and sent me to bed.  Well as much as she could send me to bed, with 2 kids and me being 23.

And, like usual, mom was right and I felt better the next morning.

PS- I’m going to try and be more devoted again, I’ve been slacking more than a Little the last few days/weeks, 

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  1. Glad you're feeling better.

    Cute re-design on the blog.