Monday, November 29

Thanksgiving, Better late than Never

Thanksgiving was delish.  Everyone ate, gave thanks and enjoyed the company. That said I had a helluva experience with my Granny on Thanksgiving.

She told us about when her and my Pa started dating.  They’d known each other a while, and she’d hated him.  He was older and annoying.  Anyhow, she told me there was this boy she’d been seeing and I realized when she was talking about it, that Omigawd, my Granny was a teenager! Somehow in my delusional state as a grandchild I’d forgotten that at some point my grandparents were teenagers.  You know the squeaky kind where the girls are all giggly and the boys are all silent and stoic-y (well Pa was always like that).

For the first time, ever, I saw my Granny like Barbara Jean (Or maybe they called her Barbie. I‘ll call and find out.) not Granny.  I had a revelation, before all the stories of when my dad was little, and while she was pregnant with my aunt, and living here and there, and however many ‘war’ stories (she is so very apt to tell) she was Barbara (just plain ol’ Barbara) (I called and asked like it was out of the blue.  She doesn’t know about blogs. They would only confuse her. No point in going there.)

So above all else this Thanksgiving I am/was thankful for getting a chance to see who my Granny was BEFORE she was Granny.

***My dad’s parents have always gone by Granny and Pa. My Nanny (Granny’s Mother) married my Grand Daddy (Pa’s Father, AFTER the all their kids were born).  So my grandparents are STEP siblings. And all this happened when my Granny was about 12. 

PS- I'm sorry for being so late with this. During the week was Thanksgiving and a helluva head cold.  And then Black Friday came, and the weekend with 2 sick babies. But now I should be back and at 'em. At least I hope so. 

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