Monday, January 3

Baby Galileo

Last night I had to make a last minute trip to Louisville with my cousin and our friend.  Ergo no post for yesterday, well that along with a few other last minute things, meant no post for the Second day of The Blog Dare.  And instead of letting that cripple my resolve and resolution I’m jumping back on the horse (wagon, bike take your pick) and continuing to go from here.  

I love Baby Galileo by Baby Einstein, mostly because it will lull Baby Boy to sleep.  I love anything that will lull Baby Boy to sleep. Especially if I can lay him down in his crib and him still fall asleep.

I think I have more of an appreciation for this fact because of Cat.  Because with her we just let her go until she crapped out.  If she slept in the walker, well ok.  Or if she slept in the high chair, alrighty then.  Or maybe, possibly she might go to sleep in the crib or on someone’s bed.  But mostly she would only fall asleep if someone (preferably me) was holding her.  I coslept with her.

But I do not cosleep with Baby Boy, and I think down the road he will appreciate that.  And right now I appreciate it.  And I am in love with Baby Galileo.

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