Tuesday, January 4

My Empty Tank

My gas tank is on E.  I’m not being all deep and philosophical (that’s too obvious) I mean literally my car gas tank is on E.  It’s not because I don’t have another $5 I could throw in it.  Nope got change right here in my pocket.

It’s because in the morning I’m too tired (and lazy and warm) to pump the gas on my way to work.  And after I’ve worked nine hours away from my babies I’m too excited to get home and see them to stop and get gas.

Not everyday is a great mommy day.  Most nights I get frustrated and tired of Cat being so darn head strong and independent, and irritable when Baby Boy won’t just be content to play in his crib while I’m trying to cook, or change clothes.

But still when I’m on my way home even knowing that after the first twenty minutes or so of joyous I love my babies time is up I’ll be frustrate and irritable does not deter me from my excitement.  I get giddy, and have butterflies the I get closer to home.

They are the loves of my life.  I can’t believe how much they love me.  No matter if I’m clean showered, or smell like a  dirty diaper (Thank you Baby Boy).  They are so excited to see me, and I’m equally just as excited to see them.

I look forward to the little funny things Cat is going to say while the three of us sit down at the kitchen table and eat.  And I can never wait for Baby Boy to sit in the high chair and start kicking and giggling.

Sure about five minutes after these few minutes the world is havoc and Cat is trying to get half the Kraft slices outta the fridge, and Baby Boy is not satisfied with anything, especially with me giving my attention to Cat.

But the times in between the havoc and unsatisfaction are the best little treasures.

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