Wednesday, January 5

Weenie Mom

I think a lot, in case you haven’t noticed.  And really I think about a lot of things that I never think to write down.  Someday hopefully they will come back to me and make great posts.

Today I thought about some conversations I’ll be having with my kids when they’re older.

The fun ones, like “Cat if you’d been a boy I’d have named you Baby Boy’s name, but you weren’t so I had to do some Googling to find you a name.”

Or adversely “Baby Boy, I’ve had your name picked out for years. If you’d been a girl I’d have had to do some more Googling to find you a name.. But you weren’t so crisis avoided.”

I do not, however, think about the scary conversations.  For instance ones that start with “Momma where Daddy is?” or “Momma why don’t Brother and I have a Daddy?”

So instead I think of other conversations, like the ones I had with my mom.  Like about premarital sex and interracial relationships.  Those topics are so much more comfortable for me.  I am  a weenie mom.

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