Thursday, January 6

Morning Routine

Today I couldn’t think up anything good to write about.  And frankly too much sadness going on to really think much. So I’m using a Blog Dare Prompt from a couple days ago.  The Morning Routine

Every morning, I try to squeeze as much sleep in as I can.  And I’m really lucky and spoiled.  I live with my mom (and siblings) and we have to be at work around the same time.  So she’ll wake me up.  Instead of using an alarm clock.  Some days I love it. Some days I hate it.

My routine really starts about four thirty or a quarter till five, when Poppa (Baby Boy) wakes up.  He likes to get a new bottle and go back to sleep for a couple of hours.  So I make him a bottle and if I’m lucky I sneak back into my bed without Cat waking up.  Most of the time I end up having to make her an additional cup and then putting her back into the bed with me.

And then my mom’s alarm goes off at a quarter till six, and she gets up and starts waking me up around six.

So after the 20 times I tell my mom just a minute and I finally pull myself from the bed I’m running about 10 minutes behind.  And yes I do realize that if I’d just get up somewhere BEFORE the 20th time of putting my mom off I’d be on time.  But I like sleep.

I get my clothes together and usually by the time I’ve decided on an outfit Poppa is awake again.  And so I change him and make him, yet another, bottle.  And let him coo, ma ma ma, da da da and pa pa pa while I get dressed.

And if Cat sleeps through all that I put him in his saucer and sneak out after waking my sister up.  If not I amuse Cat with Dora (She’s a slow waker) and a new cup.  And then sneak out to work.

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