Sunday, October 10

Bad Bad Momma

I’m a bad mom. It’s true, and you should know. Do you want to know why I’m such a bad mom? Of course you do, so you can know how severely I should be punished.. ..

  • My daughter still sleeps in my bed
  • My son has only slept in my bed twice
  • I sometimes put off washing bottles until I need them, and then I only wash the one bottle that I need at that moment
  • I sometimes put Cat in the playpen with Playhouse Disney on so I can ---- (Cook, mop, go to the bathroom, give BB a bath, shower, etc)
  • I had thirty bajillion pictures of Cat when she was five months old, and I have about.. Thirty-five pictures of BB.
  • Sometimes I wait till after Cat goes to bed to have dessert, so I don’t have to worry about her stealing my fork/spoon AND my dessert
  • I’ve downloaded ringtones of the songs Cat likes so that I can play them when we’re grocery shopping. 
  • I don’t wait for Cat to go to bed before I watch adult programming (such as Law and Order, Castle, NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy, etc)
  • I bought a leash like device to use when I have to go somewhere with Cat and BB where there aren’t carts.  
  • Cat thinks she’s grown and demands things
  • Neither of my kids have a bed time, they almost have a routine
  • I tend to reward Cat with food (read: M&M’s) when we’re in public (basically because it works the most efficiently)

Now to counter act some of these things, Cat does know to say please and thank you.  She holds hands, kinda well.  She can almost count to ten. She’s relatively vocal and clear.  She is very loving, and holds hands about 99.5% of the time.  BB has plenty of love to go around, smiles constantly and puts up with his sister with very little fuss.

My mom raised us with the mantra, my kids will know they were loved. And I can say without a doubt that I know I am loved, and I know that my kids are loved, and they know that I love them.

And that is the MOST important part.  The rest will resolve itself. 


  1. It sounds like your kids are completely normal - well done!

  2. Gee thanks.. I figure they're about as normal as normal is going to get with the genes in our pool LOL

  3. You don't sound bad at all, I think its normal. I am sure a lot of moms do everything on your list too but don't admit to it, so Cheers to being real! :)

  4. If I can't be real here, where can I be real? Lol. I do tend to be real IRL, as well. haha