Monday, January 31

The Flu

I hate being sick.  I hate not being able to do anything.  I hate not being my normal self.

Today Cat and I were (are still) horribly sick.  We (Mom and I) think it's The Flu.

10 Random things that happened today thanks to The Flu:

1.) Cat shuffled over to me and muttered "My boody hurts".

2.) Cat and I both drank root beer. (I do NOT like root beer.)

3.) I peed my pants THREE times today.

4.) I posted a horrid picture of myself on Twitter and Facebook.

5.) Cat kept repeating "My nose hurts. I pict-in my nose. My nose hurts."

6.) I kept repeating "Well, stop pickin your nose, you weirdo."

7.) I suckled a Chloraseptic spray bottle today. (My throat hurt mannnn!)

8.) I reconsidered a blog that I had previously dismissed.

9.) I stalked twitter.

10.) I mostly caught up on my Google Reader.

So while I did nothing, I also did something. Go me!!

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