Sunday, January 23

SOC Sunday #2

SOC Sunday....

Trying to focus is hard. We've got a lot going on and I need to prepare.. like MAJOR PREPARE for this new change we're going to be doing in March. Which I can't talk abut even though I want to. And Poppa just snapped his finger with a Silly Bandz. Poor poppa. Which reminds me, my mom and sister are giving me crap for calling him Poppa. Mostly because I call him Poppa in real life. But if I don't call him poppa in real life it's hard for me to blog about him as Poppa. And yes I do realize how ridiculous it sounds. I also have to mail off my break up letter this week, because I'm a procrastinator. And I'm sure that there will be some kind of awkward letter response full of bitter or hatred rage. But we'll see. I'll definitely keep yall updated. Because I know how addicting drama can be. I mean look at primetime TV. I'm trying really hard to focus here, and I'm totally failing. Poppa keeps popping his face with that damn Silly Bandz. Oh oh, exciting nerves for tomorrow. Poppa starts daycare. OOOOOH man.. I'm not sure I'm ready for this. And I'm totally considering doing an online dating site profile. But I'm too much of a chicken right now. And.. I think we're done.

Happy Sunday ya'll. I gotta get that Silly Bandz!



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