Saturday, January 22

Breakin up with My Dad

Not everyone has the pleasure of breaking up with their dad. I am one of the lucky few.

He has always had sociopathic tendencies. However, the average person (especially children) have very little knowledge of what to look for when it comes to psychotic or sociopathic behaviors. So for the first 15 years of my life I had no clue.

Don't get me wrong, my dad could be great, and he could also be a horridly terrifying person. To go through any amount of occurrences is unnecessarily time consuming. Just trust me, my childhood was less than idyllic.

So long story short, he's spending some time getting three hot and a cot, courtesy of the state of Tennessee. And during these stays, he tends to go through a cycle. We can follow the cycle thanks to my Granny and Nanny (his mom and grandmother).

The first stage is where he wants either or both of them to get in touch with whomever he was hooked up (and "in love")with at the time. The second stage he attempts to get in touch with my siblings and myself, and in contact with some other people he's been "talking" to while doing "business" in whatever state/town/city. Then there's a little depression and everyone would be so much better without him. Then, finally, when he had screwed everyone else over and they realized how much he'd screwed them for, and the only hope he could see was attempting to come back to our family. (Which he'd gladly left multiple times since I was around eleven.)

So currently we are at the very end of this cycle. His boy toy has left him, and he is lonely, and none of his business (or otherwise) partners are willing to help him, be released. So he's writing to my brother, sister and myself. I'm relatively sure my sister hasn't even looked at her letter. I know that my brother read his, and will probably write back something interesting and insightful for his fifteen year old self.

I've read my letter and drafted a reply. The first letter to him since I was pregnant with Cat (and he subsequently called her a mistake, which I didn't take kindly).

I think the final paragraph is a decent summary of my stand on this...

"You've messed with my life as much as you can, and you will no longer be in it. I wish you the best of luck in you relationship with God, however I am not interested in being a part of that either. And you will not be welcome to pictures of myself or my children, nor will you ever be welcome in my home. "

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