Sunday, February 20

SOC Sunday #4

Ok.. Here I am.. Once again. SOC Sunday!!!

Cat stayed at Granny’s again this Friday night. I have this fear that it’s going to become a weekly “thing.” Not that I don’t want them to spend time together, but with time there are going to be changes in our living situation and I worry what impact it will have on this new aspect of their relationship.  Poppa has still been sick this week. And not only is it killing me for him to cough nightly (and daily for that matter) but I’ve had to take another day off of work to stay home with him. And it makes my paycheck short, and honestly I just can’t deal with that.  I struggle trying to make sure I have enough to pay for the bills that I have to pay.  But really I just want him healthy more than anything else.  Tomorrow the kids are going with their cousin for the day (the college doesn’t have classes).  And really I’m not sure why they’re spending time with the kids all of a sudden.  It’s like they go about three months without seeing them, and then they want to see them two or three weeks in a row. And Then another three months and then two weekly visits and then three more months.  This is especially notable after Poppa came around, and it’s frustrating to me, more because he is their actual BLOOD relative. Not that blood matters to them, except they’re blowing him off while Cat they have continually treated like “one of the family.”

Well that’s what I’ve got tonight.


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