Thursday, February 24

You should know

I have these ideas. Decent ideas. For blog posts. And stories I could tell. And how they’d be funny, or intriguing or thought provoking. And I get the post all but written in my head.
Then I sit down to write a little note, or reminder about that idea for that post. It dissipates.
Into thin freaking air. And I can never get it back.
On the off chance that I do get it back, of course the story never sounds as good as the first time I thought it. Or it never flows the way it did in my head.

That is frustrating. And part of the reason that I have trouble blogging daily. Because my great ideas just flit away while I’m trying to do my job(You know the one I get paid for).

I just thought you all should know, that I do get decent ideas. They just don’t like me enough to stay around to be written about.

PS- I’m going to work on a way to jot down the ideas while at work in some way that I can remember more of the ideal details and flow.

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