Tuesday, March 1

Adding Some Spirit

Change is coming.  And  not just because it’s spring and I like flowers.

I’ve  been fighting, no not fighting.  Ignoring, no not ignoring… I’ve been resisting this.

I am a spiritual person. I’m a lead following and very blessed person. And that has a great deal of influence on me, my life and the way I handle myself and  the people around me.

That being said… the change I am implementing… the lead that I am following is that I will be posting religious (specifically Christian- Nondenominational) posts.  I will be intermingling them with my Cat and Poppa posts.

They will hopefully be amusing and inspiring and encouraging.

My goal with these is NOT to make you feel excluded, isolated or condemned.

My goal is to spread the word of Christ, to show that you do not have to behave or act holy to in fact be holy and saved.

This is the REAL life application of Biblical teachings and preachings as this single mom understands and attempts to get things right.

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