Tuesday, March 1

Daycare Changes

Daycare has been a totally unique experience for us. And I think we love it. And by we I mean me. I love daycare. I love the routine of it. I love that we call it school.  I love that my kids are NOT going to be the awkward ones in kindergarten not knowing how to appropriately interact with people their own age.

Cat still cries when I leave an average of three days out of five.  Poppa has almost started to notice when I leave the room at daycare.

Sometimes I can be dense (read: slow) about noticing changes, especially in the people I see everyday (read: my kids).  But tonight something happened that really smacked me into the reality of how good for the kids daycare really is.

At Granny’s tonight (where we ate dinner, cause she cooks delicious meals, and she’s the only great grandparent my kids have. AND the only grandparent I have. It’s important to spend time with her.) Anyways. Tonight at Granny’s Cat was eating some (Valentine’s) candy out of the container.  She somehow knocked over the container and it spilled onto the floor.  And immediately she bent down and started to clean it up.  My mom and I could barely believe that she was doing such a good job, and no one even had to say something to her.

Before daycare, Cat would have just looked at the mess and walked away.  And when I would’ve gotten her to come back and “help” me pick them up. She would’ve picked up five.  But tonight, after going to daycare (for almost two whole months) she has learned, properly, to clean up after herself. And not to just walk away from messes.

And there in lies a reason why I love the fact that my kids go to daycare.

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