Tuesday, March 29

Dating Again, Kinda


I have a date.

Well I have a date kinda.

I have a friend date.  Actually it's more like a mom's who need friends who aren't their mothers date.

Sunday we had a nursery meeting at church (because workers are in short supply, even though kids aren't).  After the nursery meeting I finally just had to tell people.  I let the (three) women of the church know.  I need friends. I love my mom, and there's nothing I'd change except, I need more friends than just my mom.

And what do you know, after whoring out my number and facebook information, I have a date (with the kids) on Friday for dinner at my could be new friends' house.

So now I wonder, is this what I should do in order to find me a man?  I'll just go up to the pulpit and tell the pastor "I need me a man, and my kids need a good dad.  All those willing to apply please see me after church in the fellowship hall."  

Don't worry, I'm not doing that this weekend.  However if I do ever decide to do that I'll make sure mom gets it on camera so you all can watch my utter #fail at dating.

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