Monday, March 21

Paci Free!

Eh, about a week ago Cat ‘gave’ her beloved paci to her cousin’s soon to be coming baby.
We put it in a ring box.

And she wasn’t quite ready to let go.

But we put it in a gift bag, and surrounded it with tissue paper.

And said goodbye.

Sunday night she threw up and had to miss “school” on Monday.  Tuesday I called to see how naptime was going sans paci.  Not good was the answer.  And Wednesday and Thursday the daycare called me, because her fits were just too outrageous. (She is her mother’s child. I’m loud even when I don’t want to be. I’m emotional even when I don’t want to be. And I’m anxious about silly things, and sometimes I can’t articulate them very well.)

Thursday afternoon while on the phone with the daycare owner we (I, because she was about NO help.) decide to sneak the paci into Cat’s backpack, then if they absolutely need it they have it.  But we will still not be using one at home.

Friday I call to make sure her cousin picked her up. She did and she had a GREAT naptime. Without the paci. Well shoot! That’s great!

Hopefully this week will go as smooth as Friday.

And we’re still paci free at home, even though she asks regularly.

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