Saturday, April 30

Busy Little Bees

Lately life has been busy. And I've been avoiding the internet (except facebook because apparently I'm addicted).  

But really it's time for me to come back. 

I'm not myself out her in "real life" because I'm missing the connection that's here in my digital world. 

Sometimes I feel all alone here in cyber space but I have the option of pretending me and Brittany Gibbons or Meredith Soleau are bffs because I go read and immediately (most of the time) understand what they're saying.  

And that is what I miss out here in the "real world".   So I'm coming back yall.  

I'm sure not promising to be better than ever at this bloggy thing. But I'm going to start to give it a little more attention. 

I sure hope ya'll can stick around and ride these waves with me while I really figure out what the heck I'm doing here. 

And for your trouble here's a picture of Cat.. checking out the lobster tank at Red Lobster. 

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