Tuesday, April 12

The Keepers

My family is made up of a bunch of keepers.  Not like soccer.   


We're all just a bunch of people who don't get rid of stuff, cause hello!

What if someday Billgium moves out and needs a Christmas tree and ornaments and possibly some Thanksgiving decorations, you know in 2014

Well the fact is, not only is Billium only 15, the Christmas tree we're keeping has no base and I'm not entirely sure about the quality of those Thanksgiving 'decorations.'   

If we don't do something soon you'll be seeing us on Hoarders. Okay well maybe not "soon" but eventually. And let's face it, if I'm going to be famous for being on a tv show it is NOT going to be Hoarders. 

So with that in mind, I'm instigating (and pushing to get done, for real this time.) Spring Cleaning in our house. 

So while I'm going through random tubs of clothes, decorations, sheets, housing paraphenalia you guys should just pray that I don't lose my mind.  Or suddenly donate to Goodwill the things I'm supposed to be passing down for generations. 


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