Thursday, April 7

Residual Thinking

I am suddenly horrible at coming up with these things (aka: posts).   My brain is just full of random short thoughts. 

I'm reading that freakin Left Behind Series, which totally sticks to my brain like super glue to a finger. 

Poppa's birthday is the 27th and we're having is party on the 23rd. So I'm trying to plan this little get together (I'll have my pity party about the size of this get together later.)

I started tanning again.  No one told me that my stinkin pregnancy mask would come back. It's like one of those dirty little secrets. I was getting dressed after tanning today and I look and there's stuff on my face. And it's not stuff I put there.  It's freckles.  

Freckles that are called pregnancy mask, like you should be wearing it with pride. Oh yeah, cause everyone wants to wear a mask of pregnancy. Especially people who are female and already overweight. 

How do I know it's the residual (and will forever haunt me) pregnancy mask, you ask. Because I am a Floridian by birth. That means I was a sun baby. I spent many a summer (and warm weekend) day at the beach or in the pool, without freckles.  And suddenly they are there, maring the only part of my body that I even attempt to like. But that's okay, because eventually they'll just disappear into wrinkles when I'm old and no one will even notice the little freckles. 

Now I'm going to pretend that the reason I'm slathering on night time face cream has absolutely nothing to do with that pregnancy mask, and everything to do with trying to keep tanning from drying out my skin, yeah right.

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