Monday, May 2

Fun Bags!

Here's a little fun assortment of things that have happened around my house that I haven't written about...

Poppa's first birthday party.Which went off without too much of a hitch. Except for the whole severe thunder storm warnings and tornado watches.  I decided to go with a primary color first birthday party.  And he has loved all of his presents, which is comforting. 

Poppa's first birthday. He wore the traditional home designed tshirt. He went to 'school'. The next day we went to Red Lobster.  And I have a mini break down because I am not mother to both a one year old and an almost three year old. Scary!!

The church Easter Egg Hunt. Both kids looked adorable and got some Easter eggs in their baskets. Cat really gets it now, Poppa just likes the sound the eggs make when he hits them on the ground, or together. 

Easter. Cat looked adorable, and then refused to take a picture with me.  Poppa looked adorable. Period.  

A Torrential amount of rain. I'm considering trading my car in for a boat. We've got like a bajillion centimeters of rain in the last ten days.  And if we didn't get another rain storm for the whole summer I'm almost certain that the crops would still be plentiful.  But I'm not a farmer, so maybe I'm wrong. I probably am. 



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