Saturday, June 11

I did it to Myself

I sabotaged my own Saturday mornings. 

We're (still) potty training.  Cat gets it, but she's also (like her mother) easily distracted.  So we're still working on it.  Because when she's playing she doesn't wanna stop to go to the bathroom.  I totally get it, I don't wanna stop what I'm doing all the time to pee, but hey it is what it is.  

But back to mornings...   Most nights Cat wears panties to bed.  In order not to change bed sheets every day, she's gotta go to the bathroom before she's even really awake.  Which gives me about 2 minutes to get her to the bathroom.  At first I wasn't sure what I should do to inspire her to move that little butt to the potty.  But then I got it. She's 2 (almost 3) so she's competitive.  Especially since her brother came along, there's nothing quite like sibling rivalry.  

So Cat and I race to the potty every morning, at about 6:30.  And God help her sheets if someone is in the bathroom at 6:30.  And during the week that is wonderful.  We have time (for me) not to freak out about being late, and get her hair put up and everything before 'school'.  

But on the weekends, when I'd like to sleep in to maybe, oh I don't know a crazy 8 am, I am not so crazy about the race to the bathroom. And trying to understand, when I'm still half asleep from staying up watching Zach Bagans and Ghost Adventures on Friday night, that Cat is saying "Ready, set, go."  And that I should be getting up to do my pretend shuffle run to the bathroom is just not easy.  

Later today I'll be washing sheets because I didn't understand this morning.  But I did it to myself.  



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