Thursday, June 16

Oh Man...

Single mother's favorite  holiday is this weekend. Oh yes it is. Father's Day.

That's right it's the day where you're supposed to honor your child's other 'parent'.   I personally didn't even know it was coming up until they said something about it in the newspaper last week.  I got a shocked OmiGAWD it's already here? Look on my face. But it wasn't and I got a small repreve. But now it is here. It is Sunday and I have no idea what I'll be doing.

Maybe I'll splurge on me and get some nice food for dinner.  Then I'll give the ladies 'pedicures' (as in I paint their toe nails. No calf rubbing here.)  and maybe I'll get around to giving myself that perm... so I'll have some curl to my hair on a regular basis. But we'll see.

Or maybe I'll just veg with some Lifetime Movies and Cheetos Puffs.  Either way I will be celebrating my other parental holiday this weekend.

I'm working on some posts in this crazy brain of mine just give it a chance.

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