Tuesday, June 21

We're Growing!

And not in a way that my family would ever expect.

It totally happened on accident.  We were busy inside doing Halloweeny things 

The Puppy
Like Dressing Kids

And it was past time for Trick Or Treating to begin, so I stuck a pumpkin outside to tell the kids to knock cause we had candy to hand out!  And then we went to the church's Trunk or Treat, and had dinner. And we got on with our lives.

Randomly we'd look at the forgotten pumpkin and say Someone needs to take that pumpkin out to the trash. Or If we're not careful we're going to have our own pumpkin patch.

And we'd promise to take care of it before the next trash day.  And so it went on for the last 7 and a half months... but now.

Now we're growing... That's right...

We're growing a pumpkin. At least one pumpkin, because I caught this little bloom on the vine.

Our Pumpkin

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