Tuesday, November 9

Dora = MommaResa Death

It’s true. Tonight I finally did it. I finally gave into Cat.  I fixed her a meal of her own.
I made salad and spaghetti for everyone.  While I was finishing the spaghetti I made her salad and let her get a head start on dinner. (And give me a break with the “heppin you tookt’)

I figured spaghetti to be a kid friendly meal, seeing as she usually likes anything with tomato sauce (that can smear and get EVERYWHERE). 

Well not tonight. Tonight she didn’t want any. She wanted to watch Dora (which really translates to Diego, because she likes boys).  And nothing else would do.

But I knew she was hungry, because Sar doesn’t feed her an afternoon snack. (No I don’t know why. But this will be rectified within the next week.)

So in order to get her to stop screaming, because my nerves just can NOT handle that ((I will be so glad when 32 months comes along (Cause ya know after two and a half it’s supposed to get easier.  Less tantrums is what I heard)))  I offered to make her some eggs, and a slice of cheese. And she “hepped” me “tookt” the scrambled eggs, and put a slice of cheese on them.

And I heard my control snap, audibly snap. I felt her breaking me.  It’s a sad sad day at the MR house.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. I have doubts, but maybe.

♥♥♥ Momma Resa

PS- She ate like 3 bites of the eggs (I give up)
PPS- She’s “heppin” me right now. With this very post
PPPS-She’s only “heppin” so she can watch Dora (aka Diego) when I finish posting.
PPPPS- Send out the troops to look for my control cause it’s still running loose in western Kentucky.

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  1. Kids. Control. I don't know who gave you the idea that those two things go together. They don't. Give up now. You'll be happier if you don't expect the impossible.